Our Mission & Vision

Focused On the Mission

By strengthening and coordinating existing efforts, SSCAC’s mission is to eliminate poverty along the South Shore by affording everyone in need the opportunities for education, training and work; to live with dignity; to contribute to the full extent of their capabilities; and to participate in the workings of our society.

For 50 years, SSCAC has remained true to this mission.  Looking to the future, the improvement and expansion of SSCAC services are vital as the needs of low-income individuals and families in our service area continue to grow.  We will continue to target our services to women, children and the elderly for whom our community needs assessment indicates the need is greatest.  Over the next three years, SSCAC envisions strengthening all agency programs and enhancing our capacity to meet community needs. 

SSCAC is committed to:

Fulfilling the need for consistent, all-day, all-year Childcare for different age groups so that low-income families may maintain full-time employment.

Increasing the disposable incomes of low-income residents through Emergency Services and Energy Assistance Programs that provide fuel and energy subsidies and promote energy conservation, and by providing homelessness prevention programs to help families stay in their own homes.

Providing Transportation for area residents who need access to critical services such as medical care.

Expanding Nutritional Assistance initiatives throughout SSCAC's Food Distribution Center and Healthy Harvest to better address food insecurity and high nutritional risk among individuals and families, especially among area seniors.

Providing Consumer Mediation and Education Services for clients who need advocacy and mediation services.

Expanding collaboration throughout the South Shore to increase access to services and operating efficiencies across organizations.

Expanding services and exploring new partnerships for service delivery to reach more low-income residents with innovative and effective programs.

Continuing our commitment to competitive wages and benefits for our employees, professional development opportunities, and employee satisfaction.

Providing Employment Supports through childcare parent training and training for staff.

Continuing efforts to manage growth effectively by securing funding through multiple sources.

Strengthening service delivery by improving administrative processes through enhanced use of technology.  SSCAC will maintain an integrated database for client intake and better communication systems for staff including email and an employee internet.