AMPS program

Appliance Management Programs (AMPS)

The Appliance Management Programs (AMPS) provide fuel assistance eligible households with an energy audit to determine where savings can be made. Homeowners and renters are eligible for this program. Light bulbs, lighting fixtures and, in some instances, new refrigerators or freezers are offered at no cost to households with high electric use. This program is funded by NSTAR Electric and Massachusetts Electric Companies.

Who is eligible?

Any fuel assistance eligible household that lives in the NSTAR Electric or Massachusetts Electric service area, and has not already had an AMPS audit performed. Link to Fuel Assistance Eligibility Guidelines

How do I apply?

Contact South Shore Community Action Council at (508) 747-7575. We will provide your name and telephone number to our energy auditors.

What happens next?

An energy auditor will call you to set up an appointment for an AMPS audit in your home or apartment. The energy audit takes approximately one-and-a-half hours.

You will receive energy efficient bulbs at no cost and your refrigerator will be metered to determine its efficiency.

Specific recommendations will be made based on your energy usage profile to help you cut down on your electric usage. In some situations, these recommendations may include free replacement of an energy-inefficient refrigerator.

The auditor will provide SSCAC with this data and, if appropriate, a refrigerator or freezer will be ordered.