Burner Repair & Replacement

Burner Repair & Replacement

The Home Energy and Retrofit Task Weatherization Assistance Program (HEARTWAP) provides low-income households help with heating system repairs and replacement services. Any type of heating system may be covered (as long as the below eligibility requirements are met). The work is performed by licensed professionals and is inspected for efficiency and proper installation. Services are provided at no cost to the homeowner subject to specific dollar limits by repair measure and subject to funding availability.

Am I eligible to receive HeartWap?

  • You must be a homeowner to receive assistance under this program.
  • Your household income must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Link to Federal Poverty Level Table
  • You must be eligible for the current Fuel Assistance Program.
  • You must reside in one of the following communities:
  • Carver
  • Cohasset
  • Duxbury
  • Halifax
  • Hanover
  • Hingham
  • Hull
  • Kingston
  • Marshfield
  • Middleboro
  • Norwell
  • Pembroke
  • Plymouth
  • Plympton
  • Scituate

How do I apply?

You can use the same application for HEARTWAP as is required for Fuel Assistance. If you meet the eligibility guidelines listed above, simply call South Shore Community Action Council (SSCAC) at (508) 747-7575 Extension 6237 and speak to the burner repair staff.

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What happens next?

A licensed and insured heating company under contract with SSCAC will be contacted to provide services necessary to keep your heating system operating efficiently and safely.

Should a major repair be required, a trained technician from SSCAC will come to your home to inspect the problem before authorizing the repair.

After the authorized major repairs have been made by a licensed insured contractor, the SSCAC technician will then inspect the repairs before we pay the contractor's bill.